Parent and Teacher Testimonials

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"I had a very positive and fantastic experience touring Washington, D.C. with Capital Tours. Our guides/drivers were very knowledgeable, punctual, patient, hardworking and flexible. At very short notice we were able to change plans or make a stop or detour if something interested us.

If I had to sum up my years of taking my students to Washington, D.C. with Capital Tours it would be just one word. TERRIFIC. They go out of their way to provide the best experiences for children."

- Jean Torrisi, J.G. Whittier Middle School, Haverhill, MA

"Going to Washington, D.C. without Capital Tours...NEVER!! Our eighth grade has traveled to Washington, D.C. under the careful guidance of Ron Cormier and Capital Tours for the past twelve years. We have been extremely happy with their service. Their care and concern for us and for our safety are of utmost importance to us.

Our tours are always well planned, filled with activities that are educational as well as fun. We tell them what we want and need and they make it happen. The guides provided for us, especially Ruth, are the best! The students always say they had the best time of their lives. You couldn't get a better recommendation than that.

Capital Tours is like part of our school family. We cannot thank them enough for all they do for us and we look forward to working with them year after year."

- Diane Anderson, Teacher, Grade 8

"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Capital Tours. We have used their services for the past 7 years for our Middle School, grade level trips. We have been going on trips to Boston and Washington, D.C. for the past 17 years. We have worked with 4 different tour companies during that time. I can say without question, Capital Tours has been the most professional, attentive to detail and together company we have worked with. We plan on continuing to use them for our future trips."

- Dr. Richard Wiesenthal, Middle School Principal

"Capital Tours is an outstanding company. They have organized our grade 8 trips to Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia for over 20 years. As a middle school principal, I have trusted their judgment and organizational skills in planning our trips. We have always received personal service and quick responses to our questions and suggestions. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a tour company to partner up with. There are good reasons why we continue with this company. They are great to do business with and always keep us satisfied as their customers!"

- Mike Tikonoff, Principal

"This year will be Litchfield Middle School's 20th Washington, D.C. trip with Capital Tours. The trip has always served as one of our students' fondest memories at the middle school. Capital Tours makes the trip effortless and offers a wonderful itinerary combining history and fun. We look forward to 20 more years of wonderful memories for our students with Capital Tours!"

- Thomas Lecklider, Principal, Litchfield Middle School, Litchfield, NH

"I have been using Capital Tours for about 10 years for our end of 8th grade trip to Washington DC. I have continued to re-book after each trip because as a busy teacher, running this trip on the side, Capital Tours makes it super easy. The office staff is always friendly and available to answer questions over the phone or via email, as well as, make changes and suggestions at any time. They have always been able to adjust and work with me regarding schedules and payments based on my specific needs. Once in DC, the tour guides are always professional, knowledgeable and cater to the needs of our students at any time of the day. Every trip I have made, Ron, the company owner, has met up with me to check in and make sure things are going to my satisfaction. I appreciate the fact that he is available at anytime during the trip to help me out - one less thing to worry when being responsible for a group of 8th graders! I am really looking forward to my trip this year!"

- Nick Alfred, 7th/8th Grade Teacher, Jamestown School, Jamestown, RI

"Working with Capital Tours for the last 38 years provided the 8th grade students of Hudson Memorial School, Hudson, NH an exceptional experience touring Washington, D.C. Ron Cormier heads a staff who understand the desires and needs of any size group of people traveling to the nation's capital. Their wealth of knowledge and their willingness to research what they do not know insures an individualize itinerary for any travelers. Trust Capital Tours to produce a unique and rewarding visit."

- Heather Bucknam, 8th Grade Teacher, Hudson Memorial School, Hudson, NH

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